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Welcome to SurpriseYOU by Fhmm Flora Studio

SurpriseYOU strive to promote a good gift-giving culture and hopes to convey the gratitude of people through gifts on special occasion,especially Chinese New Year. JinYeYe launching a series of creative, unique and elegant gift solution that suitable for various circles of society in recent years by carefully selects a variety of daily health products, and skilfully combines health and gift giving, so that everyone can give health to each other while giving gifts! This is the 3rd year we become JinYeYe authorize agent - The CNY hamper specialist in Malaysia.

多年来,SurpriseYOU 努力推动良好的送礼文化,希望通过在任何特殊场合以礼传达感激之情。特别是在农历新年,为了打破传统礼篮设计,这是我们第三年成为金爷爷授权代理—马来西亚礼篮专家。金爷爷近年来推出了一系列创意、独特且优雅的礼蓝设计,适用于社会各个阶层,通过精心挑选各种日常健康产品,并巧妙地将健康与送礼相结合,使每个人在送礼的同时都能互相传递健康!

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