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About Us

Every girl likes to have little surprises occasionally. We are easily to fall into the trivialities of life and always forget to express our love for each other. Occasional surprises are a good way to maintain the relationship and remind us to appreciate and not to take each other for granted.


Be surprised by little Surprise is the best additive in creating the sense of ritual,it brings some cheer to our days and made each of our moments special. by FHMM FLORA STUDIO is an online store which customize different gifts from flowers bouquets, balloons sets, gifts box sets, decoration accessories and event decoration for your daily little surprise and important ceremony such as graduation ceremonies, prom nights, birthday party, engagement party, wedding, opening ceremony,anniversary, valentine and so on. We strive to provide the highest quality of services to increase the sense of ritual to your life.


【Rituals give us a feeling of going beyond the ordinary of having a moment that transcends that, turning events into something special and meaningful moment】 – Gabriel-


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每个女孩都喜欢偶尔的浪漫小惊喜。 情侣之间很容易会陷入生活当中的琐事,而常忘了表达对彼此的爱。偶尔的小惊喜可以为情侣之间的关系保鲜,并提醒着不要把对方的一切视为理所当然。






【仪式感可以给我们一种超越平凡的感觉,拥有超越这一刻的瞬间,把我们生命当中的所有事情变成特别的有意义, 千万别让你的人生,输在了没有仪式感.】


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